Welcome to Trial By Woman: The Forum! The Forum is a traditional listserv  - only better! We developed The Forum to create a space for like-minded women to come together, connect, share ideas and get resources to take their legal practices - and their lives - to the next level. Our vision is a bigger and better life for all of us - inside and outside the courtroom. 

We welcome all women trial lawyers to The Forum, regardless of practice area and regardless of which "side" you represent. At Trial By Woman and in The Forum, there are no "sides." We also welcome women who want to become trial lawyers and women who have been promised trial work but whose employers haven't delivered. This is a space for all of us. We are all women in a male-dominated field. The work we can do together and the efforts we make to build up ourselves and the women around us will enrich our practices, our lives and our profession. 

The Forum is a traditional, e-mail-based listserv, in which you receive and post messages through your e-mail inbox. But, we've got more. We'll also offer videos where we discuss strategies and practices that make us better women, better wives, better partners, better mothers, better lawyers and better humans. We believe strongly in exploring well outside the bounds of our profession to enrich ourselves, and we've done a lot of leg work over the years. In our Forum videos, we'll distill for you some key concepts that have helped us on our journeys. 

We are a positive and intentional community with a focus on uplifting and enriching content. The Forum is a space where we can discuss the issues we encounter with litigation, in the courtroom, and in life, as women leaders in our field. 

We charge an annual $50 fee to subscribe to The Forum for a couple reasons: one, we have a real woman who manages and monitors The Forum; two, we believe that commitment is important to make real and positive changes in your life and in your practice.

We're thrilled you're here. So, let's get started building this community together! Please forward this invitation to the women in your life.

xoxo, Courtney and Theresa

Please Note: We’ve dedicated this space to supporting and enriching women in their legal practices. We invite anyone who wishes to advance that objective to join us here on The Forum. We welcome all genders, religions, colors, shapes, sizes and dance styles.

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