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We're always pleasantly surprised when an event takes it to the next level. We imagine a great event providing a learning experience tied in with networking and different workshops and classes that blow your mind. Cue in In Goop Health: LA. Check out the articles below featuring Trial By Woman!

Best Business Books By Female Authors

How to Get Paid What You’re Worth

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Rocket Matter

Rocket Matter is a cloud-based legal case management software that provides the 10 Minute Law Firm Podcast with host Larry Port. Theresa was a guest on their April 9 episode and spoke about Trial By Woman, what it’s like to be a woman in a male-dominated industry, and how the legal community could support women now and in the future. You can find the full podcast here.


The Advocate Magazine

Check out Courtney’s article Women At Work, about dealing with the conflict of being a mother in the courtroom. Find the article here.


Most Influential

Named as one of the most Influential Women Attorneys, Courtney Rowley has been an instrumental part of multiple record setting trials. Read more here.


This event was hosted by the Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association’s Women’s Caucus, March 15-16, 2019, in Norwich, CT. Trial By Woman’s Theresa presented the keynote and held a book signing for the ladies!



This conference was presented by the Brain Injury Association of California, April 5-6, 2019, in downtown San Diego, CA. Trial By Woman hosted yoga and Theresa presented “Bringing a Brain Injury To Life In The Courtroom,” as one of the keynote speeches. She also was part of the “Rockstar Trial Lawyers Live Panel.”


Justice Team Podcast

Nick and Courtney Rowley talk about Consumer Advocacy including MICRA caps, tort reform and the uphill battle victims of medical practice face in California. Listen here.


The Verdict

The Verdict published a wonderful review of Trial By Woman in their Winter 2019 Edition. The publication comes out quarterly for the Wisconsin Association for Justice. Rachel E. Potter wrote the honest review about our book and we thank her for her candid overview! Check it out here.



Your Inner



Courtney was the key-note speaker at this Seminar & Retreat for Female Trial Attorneys, hosted by The Nevada Justice Association, from March 8-10, 2019, in Marina Del Rey, CA. Courtney and Theresa then ran a Conscious Communication Workshop the following day.

Trial Skills Seminar

Trial By Human hosts multiple seminars yearly, including Trial Skills Seminars. These seminars immerse the attendees with knowledge and practice. We’re thrilled to participate and help facilitate. Check them out here.

Courtney on retrying a case

Courtney talks about what it was like to try a case again against a big defendant - and how they got more money. Listen here.


Courtney attended CAALA over Labor Day Weekend in Vegas - we know, hot and crazy. The Wellness Activation Den was very well received by attendees. We hosted yoga and so much more.


How to own the courtroom

TBW, we're sorry about the horrendous quality of the video, but wanted to share Theresa OWNING the courtroom. She is working on a case about negligence between a family and a corporation with Nick and Courtney, and let us tell you, Nick was JUMPING up and down listening to her argue the msj's for the case. Fight for your client. Own the courtroom!


Brain SoCAL

Courtney attended Brain SoCal and participated in two panels during the weekend long event. One panel was a women’s only panel that discussed why women are suited for trial. Check out a snippet here.