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Trial By Woman

A Community For Learning

We are mothers, friends, authors, and trial lawyers who have won numerous seven-figure and eight-figure verdicts and settlements for our clients.

We created Trial By Woman to foster a movement of women working together, professionally and personally, in the law and in life. It's the way we run our own businesses and we believe that its the way to lift up other an build a better future for our children, our world.

For years, we have worked together, grown together struggled together and thrived together. We are bigger and better because of the support we give one another. Through Trial By Woman, we have educated, supported and empowered other women to work together in their businesses. And the results have been PHENOMENAL!

A Community For Success

Trial By Woman is a network of women lawyers and professionals who learn and work together to grow and add value each other’s businesses, cases and lives.

Trial By Woman is about connecting women with mentors and partners, communicating openly about money, workload allocation, and setting expectations . We encourage women to have real relationships with one another, to speak proudly about their achievements and to speak honestly about their fears.

Trial By Woman is about building your power and success as you build the power and success of the women around you.

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