Let's get together and let's learn from one another!

We are Plaintiff’s Trial Lawyers who have numerous seven-figure and eight-figure verdicts and settlements for our clients. We work on cases throughout the country, and we speak and teach trial skills and human connection skills nationally. We hope to see you at one of our events!

Previous Events

Embrace Your Inner Bad-Ass - A Seminar & Retreat for Female Trial Attorneys, hosted by The Nevada Justice Association, March 8-10, 2019, Marina Del Rey, CA. Trial By Woman will present the Keynote Address and host yoga and cocktails. Join us! Register Here

Symposium on Leadership “Knowing Our Power: Women & Leadership” - Hosted by the Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association’s Women’s Caucus, March 15-16, 2019, Norwich, CT. Trial By Woman will present the Keynote Address and hold a book signing event. Join us! Register Here

Upcoming Events

Trial Skills Seminar and Conscious Communication - Trial Skills Seminar Hosted By Trial By Human March 21-24, 2019, Boulder, CO, with a special Conscious Communication event hosted by Trial By Woman on Sunday, March 24 and concluding at 10 a.m. on Monday, March 25. We are thrilled to partner with Trial By Human for this event. Join us! Register Here

TBI Med Legal - A Conference Presented by the Brain Injury Association of California, April 5-6, 2019, San Diego, CA. Trial By Woman will present “Bringing a Brain Injury To Life In The Courtroom,” will participate in the “Rockstar Trial Lawyers Live” panel and will host a morning yoga session. Join us! Register Here

WTLN Leadership Summit and Retreat - A conference and retreat Presented by the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association and the Women Trial Lawyers Network, April 25-26, 2019, Boulder, CO. Join us! Register Here

Consumer Attorneys of California Palm Spring Seminar - Enjoy the desert with the Consumer Attorneys of California’s seminar featuring top speakers, including Courtney and Theresa, covering a variety of topics, May 3-5, 2019, Palm Springs, CA. Join us! Register Here

WYTLA Conference -Presented by the Wyoming Trial Lawyers Association, June 20-22, 2019, Jackson Hole, WY. Join us! Register Here

Trial By Human Seminar - Details coming soon, July 18-20, 2019, Decorah, IA.

Trial By Human Seminar - Details coming soon, September 27, 2019, Iowa City, IA at the University of Iowa, College of Law.

Trial By Human Seminar - Details coming soon, October 10-13, 2019, Santa Barbara, CA.


Workshops give us a chance to connect as a community and exchange ideas and experiences to help one another grow and improve in our practices, our families, our lives and our worlds. Lots of eating, drinking, guest appearances, yoga, candles, and crystals. Healing the soul, lifting the spirits. 

Conscious Communication -Conscious Communication workshop hosted by Trial By Woman on Sunday, March 24 and concluding at 10 a.m. on Monday, March 25. Human relating elicits love, joy, courage and all the qualities that make up our unique essence. Expertly and compassionately led by a professional therapist. Come learn tools that will improve your experience with yourself, your clients, and the people around you. Open to non lawyers! Register Here


Stay Tuned for Scheduling

Three-Day Courses where we go deep into trial skills, business management, communication and practical tools to up your game and re-invigorate you. We also spend a lot of time learning and practicing self-care, with yoga, nutrition and cooking, rest, writing, swimming and sleeping, and a whole lot of laughing, hugging, and rolling around in the grass.