Happy January from Trial By Woman


Happy 2019!!!
We are so excited for this beautiful New Year!

Our focus this month is on warmth, welcoming, and nourishment. As our inboxes get flooded with ‘resolutions’ and ‘detoxes’, we want to remind you that everything you need, everything that you will ever need, and all the beauty, grace and freedom is already within you. While cleansing, reflecting, and paring down are all fantastic ways to refocus and re-energize for the year ahead, we also encourage you to remain gentle with yourself, to take good care of you, the ones around you and the people you encounter on your path.
Welcoming means making space for what is. It means allowing life to move a little more freely, surrendering the urge to control and manipulate it according to what we think we want or need. For us, this means releasing the reins a little, honoring the imperfections, surprises and disappointments just as we do the "good" stuff by embracing what is, not what we think there should be. 
Rumi said it best:

The Guest House

This being human is a guest house.
Every morning a new arrival.
A joy, a depression, a meanness,
some momentary awareness comes
as an unexpected visitor.
Welcome and entertain them all!
Even if they are a crowd of sorrows,
who violently sweep your house
empty of its furniture,
still, treat each guest honorably.
He may be clearing you out
for some new delight.
The dark thought, the shame, the malice.
meet them at the door laughing and invite them in.
Be grateful for whatever comes.
because each has been sent
as a guide from beyond.

— Jellaludin Rumi,
translation by Coleman Barks


So this year, when it comes to resolutions, we have decided to take it month by month, so that we can be more open to revision and refinement. Some of our intentions for January: more cooking at home—the colors!!!---(and taking the leftovers to work),  less wine, more slow time with family, less checking devices, some new learning and less complaining.  

When we welcome what is, we fill our lives with warmth and hygge. The two are intertwined. It’s a luxury and a privilege to be who we are, where we are, at this time on the planet. When we are warm, we can tap into gratefulness. This helps us make space for the other. When we are grateful, we can be of service. When we are of service, we can find true happiness, value and contentment. Simple ways to increase warmth in the world: bundle yourself, bundle the ones you love, expose yourself to new ideas, learn about different people, educate yourself, fill up a hot water bottle, light a candle, and then get down into that gorgeous heart of yours and start raising the vibration for everyone around you.
We believe in a 
hopeful, more cooperative, engaged but self-reliant 2019. We believe big things come with small acts and that this is going to be a big year for all of us and all of you. Welcome, welcome 2019!!!

A couple of our upcoming events to keep in mind: 
In February, we launch our monthly Zoom Call!!!! Having connections and 
community has been proven to increase performance, self worth, even longevity. We are at a unique time on the planet where we are able to connect with any community we want to using technology—a theme we will explore this year. We will cover topics from marketing to motivation to trial skills to Q&A. This is not a seminar or a lecture. It's a connected network of women, supporting one another with our collective wisdom. The calls and other content we are rolling out are for listserve members only.  If you aren’t already a part of our listserve, you can join at trialbywoman.com. Remember, our listserve welcomes all genders, religions, colors, shapes, sizes and dance styles
In March, we are keynote-ing the 
Embrace Your Inner Badass seminar in Newport, California. It’s put on by the Nevada Justice Association, with some incredible women, including Dorothy Sims (the goddess of neuropsychology and handling experts); Randy McGinn (the goddess of just about everything that has to do with law, sports, and being gorgeous and running your all woman law firm in New Mexico);  Sari De la Motte (the goddess of juries and really, really good conversation)… the list goes on. There will be yoga, cocktail parties, plenty of great people to meet and new connections to make, and it’s at the Ritz because, well, WE FANCY.

In April, we are speaking at the Brain Injury Association of California's TBI Med Legal Conference in San Diego. Join us at this two-day conference featuring over 50 speakers, 30 brain injury-related topics, yoga in the morning sponsored by Trial By Woman and don't forget to look for the Trial By Woman table with copies of our book and some free TBW swag! This conference is the place to be to learn how to handle a brain injury case from start to finish and to get up to speed on the latest brain injury medicine. 

Lastly, we are going to be launching some new webinars over the next few months. Some topics we are considering: tips for running your solo practice and how to manage and pay employees; tips for people who employ women; how to increase the value of the cases you have and get more cases while doing it. Have any ideas? Requests? Songs for the DJ? Drop us a line!!!
Actually, we are hoping you’ll drop us a line anyway! How is it going? You like these silly hyperlinks? Have you read the book? Like something? Hate something? Want something new or different on the Forum? How about 
in the bedroom? How’s your life? Your heart? Your income? Your plie? Send us an e-mail, a smoke signal, a photo, and follow us on Instagram.  We're here for you.    

Don’t forget to head over The Co-Op to check out some new, cool goodies, including our hand-made, gorgeous and potent moon malas and plenty of TBW swag! Remember, all proceeds from The Co-Op go to charity. This month, we are donating all proceeds to the Innocence Project. (Who, by the way, is currently hiring.) This month, we'll also be adding some new links to the shopping section of our website. We'll give you direct links to products we love and use in court, in the office and in real life, including products and supplies we refer to in our book and our talks. 
We are also adding a special section to our site where you can buy some things off OTHER PEOPLE’S WISHLISTS!!! First up, we will be featuring the wishlist of the teachers of Paramount High School in Paramount, CA. This is a Los Angeles  city school near Compton where the vast majority of students are minorities and come from low-income families. Many of this kids live within miles of the ocean but have never seen it, but they are learning to crush it in Biology and Earth Science thanks to the hard work of dedicated teachers. When the intercom comes on, the teachers notice that the kids flinch almost every time for fear of it being a school shooter. Every year, Courtney’s sister, a science teacher there, buys her own class school supplies, one of which includes a diffuser for essential oils: “It’s something that lets the kids know that they are cared for. It’s soothing. Nurturing, without having to say anything. It makes their day a little better and that makes me happy.” Right on, sister.
For those times when you feel you just gotta buy something, consider buying it for
 someone else! Try it out and see how it feels. You'll be able to find the wishlist on our website soon under the Shop tab. Look for "DO GOOD." We'll send out a note when everything is linked up and ready to go. 
Meanwhile, have a fantastic January—we wish you plenty of warmth, and look forward to new connections with all of you!
Sending so much love to you and yours,
Courtney and Theresa

Upcoming Events

Embrace Your Inner Badass March 8-10, 2019 

Brain Injury Association of California's TBI Med Legal Conference April 5-6, 2019

New Video Posted to The Forum Featuring Courtney & Nick Rowley

New Video Posted to The Forum: Hearing from the Heavy Hitters Featuring Courtney & Nick Rowley (January 2019)

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New Video Posted:
Hearing from the Heavy Hitters Featuring Courtney & Nick Rowley
In November Courtney and Nick gave a talk about Voir Dire at the Heavy Hitters Seminar hosted by the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association.  We wanted to share this presentation with you all so we recently added the video to The Forum. Enjoy!
Courtney & Theresa

Announcing The Forum Document Library

Announcing The Forum Document Library (1/8/19)

We are excited to announce that our Document Library is now available to The Forum Members. Please click here for information on how to join The Forum if you are not already a member.


Announcing The Forum Document Library!
We are very excited to announce The Forum Document Library. The Document Library can be found on The Forum Membership Page and it is both searchable and organized by topic. We will continue to add documents to this library and we are really looking forward to watching it grow. If a document was originally shared via The Forum Listserv, the Listserv date is included so you can find the post in The Forum Listserv Archive and read the conversations based on and around the particular document or article.

We hope this is a helpful resource for you all. Have a wonderful weekend!
Courtney & Theresa
If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact manager@trialbywoman.com

Trial By Woman Book Party (January 11, 2019 in Beverly Hills, CA)

Trial By Woman Book Party (January 11, 2019 in Beverly Hills, CA)

We’re thrilled to share that Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley is hosting a 
book party for Trial By Woman on Jan 11 in Beverly Hills. All are invited! 
Invitation attached. We hope to see many of you there!



New Video Posted to The Forum: The Economic Movement Behind the Revolution

New Video Posted to The Forum: The Economic Movement Behind the Revolution (12/21/18)

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New Video Posted:
The Economic Movement Behind the Revolution
In order to take part in the economic movement behind the revolution we need to stop being afraid to talk about money. Money shouldn’t be a taboo subject. It’s okay to be upfront about the fact that we want to make more money, not only for our own financial protection, but to be able to participate economically in the changes we’re trying to make in the world. 

We also have a responsibility to support other women. By promoting other women we all succeed. We encourage you to actively seek out opportunities not just for yourself but for the other women in your lives. Surround yourself with women that inspire you and encourage you to be positive and successful.

Let’s continue this revolution, we mean conversation, on The Forum!
Courtney & Theresa

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Happy December from Trial By Woman

Happy December from Trial By Woman (12/10/18)


All is Calm, All Is Bright,

Thank you so much for your support of our book, Trial By Woman!!!
If you haven’t yet, get your copy on Amazon or Trial Guides, and please help us by leaving a review!
We have had an incredible year, in no small part due to all of you.  From our hearts to yours, thank you. Your love, your support, your belief in us and your belief in yourselves and desire to be part of this movement is overwhelming. Together we have created a community of amazing women. If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out The Forum, our List serve. We love being connected with these women, and we think you will too. 
At this time of year, we find ourselves talking about what it means to find more with less. Less input, less noise, less stuff, less commitments, less comparing, less complaining. Our conversations have centered on how to find more enrichment and meaning in the things we acquire, the places we go, the words we use, the people we spend time with and the information we take in. From that intention, we have launched our Trial By Woman Co-Op - a place where you can find beautiful, meaningful things and where all profits will go to charities that give us hope and inspire us, motivate us, cheer us up and cheer us on. 
We hope you enjoy the shop. This month, all profits will go to the ACLU’s Women’s Rights Project.
We find that this time of year always encourages reflection. We're using this time to garner our energy, remember and give thanks for how blessed we all are, and elevate ourselves and our loved ones in order to meet the New Year with clarity, strength, and the fortitude to hold positive love for those we know and those we don’t. We do that, in part, by following a simple Buddhist blessing that reminds us to have compassion and simply be kind to ourselves and, in turn, to the world around us:
“When you are hungry, eat. 
When you are tired, sleep.”
Last, but not least, we are pleased to announce our first Trial By Woman Christmas List!!!! Click on the photos to find the links. We hope you enjoy, and we wish you and yours peacerenewal, a beautiful December and a Happy New Year!!!

Some things we love…
Create Beauty…

Hope Wins ...

Eternal Youth ...

For the future ...

Me first ...

Dear Mom ...

What Family Dynamics?

Step Aside, Sir ... 

Slow it down ...

Santa, Baby …

#Goals ...

Deck the halls ...

Oh, snap!

Self. Care.

Do good ... 

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New Video Posted to The Forum Featuring Courtney Rowley at the Trial Skills and Ethics Seminar

New Video Posted to The Forum Featuring Courtney Rowley at the Trial Skills and Ethics Seminar (Nov. 30, 2018)

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We just posted a new video to the Forum from the Trial Skills and Ethics Seminar in Santa Barbara and we hope it will get you fired up about civil justice/civil rights! As leaders you play an important role, so take action, educate those around you, approach your work from a place of positivity and hope, and most importantly....have a great weekend!
Courtney & Theresa

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Trial By Woman (The Book) is Here!!!

Trial By Woman (The Book) is Here!!! (Nov. 28, 2018)


Trial by Woman is an highly relevant and honest look at what it takes to not only succeed as a woman practicing trial law in today’s fast-paced world, but to thrive in an ever-changing environment of gender dynamics while fostering an inclusive and diverse strategy for equity and equality in the field of law.

Writing from their experience as highly successful women who practice in an intense and unrelenting profession, Courtney Rowley and Theresa Bowen Hatch offer tools, strategies, and advice that is not just anecdotal, but time-tested and earned from years of experience building successful careers where they have had opportunity to contribute that knowledge to their organization of the same name, Trial by Woman. 

Buy Now
What Legal Leaders are saying about Trial by Woman
“It’s about time! This book will be the splendid mother of a necessary progeny of great seminars, articles, workshops, and more good books from more voices we all need. I’d wanted to say that Courtney Rowley and Theresa Bowen Hatch have done a masterful job, but the lack of a feminine form of the word ‘mastery’ is precisely the kind of thing that makes this book so essential. And yeah, I have to admit that men better read it, too.”
David Ball, trial consultant and author of David Ball on Damages

“Trial by Woman has insightful and valuable advice for all trial lawyers. This is a book for all new lawyers and those who mentor with guidance and commonsense advice. Women who are trial lawyers need this book and men who are trial lawyers need it just as much or more.”
Paul Luvera, past president of the Inner Circle of Advocates and the Washington State Bar

“This is the book women lawyers have long awaited. A Lean In for women attorneys, it teaches you how to speak up for yourself and the people you represent; quiet the fears that keep you from being your best; connect with the jurors, the judge and, most importantly, your true self; and start and run your own law practice. With great insight and gentle humor, Courtney and Theresa show why a woman’s unique talents make her the best advocate in the courtroom. Sprinkled through with stories of their own adventures (and a few mistakes), these two young powerhouse trial lawyers will have you eagerly packing your shoulder bag for your next trial.”
Randi McGinn, past president of the Inner Circle of Advocates and author of Changing Laws, Saving Lives: How to Take on Corporate Giants and Win 

“A thoughtful, lively, and much needed book on how to be a female trial lawyer. Filled with practical advice and inspiration for women—but also for men. An important addition to any trial lawyer’s library.”
Rick Friedman, past president of the Inner Circle of Advocates and coauthor of Rules of the Road: A Plaintiff Lawyer’s Guide to Proving Liability"

“It is rare for a book about practicing law to be so enthralling that you can’t put it down. This is a such a rare book. It is inspirational, empowering, and blunt. It is not judgmental or preachy. Courtney and Theresa have been there and done that—and they are willing to share their experiences, both good and bad. The stories have a familiar ring to them, but they use them to illustrate important things about being a woman, being a trial lawyer, being a mom, being a wife, sister, friend, and all at the same time. Sometimes, these courageous women write poignantly about making almost impossible choices, feeling lonely and wrestling with guilt. They also offer valuable tips about trying cases. They offer us their whole lives with grace and with dignity. All women lawyers should read it and so should most male lawyers.”
Roxanne Barton Conlin, past president of the AAJ and member of the Inner Circle of Advocates

Click Here to Purchase the Book
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Announcing the Trial By Woman Shop: The Co-Op!

Announcing the Trial By Woman Shop: The Co-Op!


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Happy Autumn from Trial By Woman

Happy Autumn from Trial By Woman (Nov. 21, 2018)

Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 11.08.23 PM.png

Hello Dear Ones and Happy Autumn

We hope this finds you cozy and curled up with everything you need for a warm, delicious, and compelling Fall. We have some exciting news to share!

First, we are so happy to announce that our book, Trial By Woman, has GONE TO PRINT and is in the Trial Guides warehouse! It should be available for purchase in the NEXT FEW WEEKS!!! You can find our book for sale at Trial Guides, as well as on our website.  We will keep you updated!

We hope you can join us at one of the many events we will be having over the next few months to celebrate our book. We will announce everything soon; so, look for us on Instagram and check our website for details!

The last few months have been a whirlwind for both of us. Theresa has been preparing a trial with Keith Bruno in Riverside County, which will get started in mid-December. (If you are in the area, you are welcome to come!) Courtney and Nick went up to Seattle to try a birth injury case representing separate plaintiffs. The case settled after their voir dires, openings, and cross of the defendant doctor. Courtney celebrated, along with an incredible group of Seattle women, with a gorgeous pop-up Trial By Woman dinner. They laughed and cried and relaxed and shined in each other’s company, with plenty of beautiful food and wine, of course!

We all deserve congratulations on an astounding election season!!!  So many of you participated in our drive to encourage voter turnout. Regardless of your politics, we can all agree that the results were stupendous. Congratulations to the incredible women who had the selflessness to run. We are so blessed to have such courageous women as examples for us and our children!

Speaking of examples, this month we have been thinking a lot about civility and opening channels of communication.  NPR recently released a poll that found that 4 out of 5 voters (both sides) believe that incivility will lead to violence in our country.  It might appear that some of our leaders have their priorities scrambled, but we want to remind you that we have a lot to feel hopeful about, even if there is plenty of work to do:

“There’s a lot to feel hopeful about. And a lot to feel angry about. What’s abundantly clear is that the victories that we can celebrate today were won not because of a healthy and functioning democracy, but in spite of a system that’s been rigged from the beginning. In spite of virulent racism. In spite of misogynist rhetoric and barriers to entry. In spite of systems that favor the rich and the white and the male, and the privileged. In spite of gerrymandering and voter suppression. In spite of white women voting over and over again for politicians who uphold a racist patriarchy.
Still. I’m choosing hope. I’m looking to these leaders—elected or not—for guidance. I’m hoping it’s clear that what’s needed is more work, not less. “
                  –Erin Boyle, author of Simple Matters

As lawyers, we are leaders. Not just in the courtroom, but in the world. This month, we are doing the work by talking about (and practicing) kindness, etiquette (something very close to Theresa’s heart, as a Southerner), and compassion with your friends, neighbors, spouses, and children. Let's take it a step further together: reach out of our usual circles, introduce ourselves to someone, get uncomfortable. Need some ideas? Send someone you don’t know that well a hand written note (on good stationary), drop off food to a neighbor, grab your kids and go volunteer over the weekend, re-read that email before you send it, tell someone close to you how you feel—even if you think they already know, take the time to educate yourself about a person or people you don’t know much about. Expand your exposure by reading things by people who have different opinions, backgrounds, and experiences from you. As women, we can become the bridges that unite. Set the example by being the change you want to see, and you’ll be amazed at the velocity you can create, the creativity you will inspire, and the impact you’ll have on the world around you. 

We are looking forward to a fantastic launch of Trial By Woman and hope it will be a catalyst for creativity and provide momentum for all of us.

Sending you so much love,
Courtney and Theresa
P.S., In case you're new, the links in these e-mails are things that make us happy or interest us. We hope they do the same for you!  

New Video Posted to The Forum "Imperfect Clients"

New Video Posted to The Forum "Imperfect Clients" (Oct. 17, 2018)

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New Video Posted to The Forum
Imperfect Clients

Imperfect clients, imperfect cases. Who hasn’t seen one or the other? In this conversation, we talk about what happened when we stopped focusing on the warts of our cases and really committed. Commit to your case, and, more importantly, commit to your client. Once you commit to something, you need to get in there and make it happen. You need to show up for your client and with your client. We challenge you to get out there and do the same. We promise it will have a tremendous impact on your experience as a lawyer and as a human being. Whether you practice in the civil, criminal, family or corporate arena – or any area of law, we hope you can take the insights we had during this conversation and make them work for you. 
Courtney & Theresa

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Hello Dears and Happy Early Fall,
We hope you had a colorful summer and are cozying up for a delicious September. 

We had a great summer. Courtney and her family went on a wild travel adventure to Europe and Theresa spent some fantastic time in the sun with her family in Palm Desert and Hawaii. We also did a lot of work. We finished the last copy edits on our book, Trial By Woman (waaaahoo!!!!) and are hoping to have it available very soon. In case travel is in your future, we have been working hard on a very special case with our friends in Tulsa—and we highly recommend a visit! 

Lately, our attention has been on the Supreme Court nominations. In times like these, with work, family, lives, getting involved in public discourse can feel overwhelming if not futile. We want to remind you that there is a lot you can do, as that as a woman, your voice matters. Every day is an opportunity to raise the vibration of our world and the people in it. Lawyers are leaders, and you are more powerful than you will ever know.

If there is one thing we as women lawyers can do this year, it is to educate ourselves about local elections, VOTE, and, just as importantly, encourage others to do the same. 


THERE ARE STILL A FEW SPACES LEFT at the Santa Barbara Trial By Human Ethics seminar, which Trial By Woman is co-sponsoring. The 16 CLE seminar is Friday October 5- Sunday October 7 2018 and includes lodging at the gorgeous Canary in Santa Barbara, California. Enter the code TRIALBYWOMAN at checkout. If you can’t make it to Santa Barbara, check our website later this month for the the killer swag we made. Meanwhile, here's some other cool swag out there. 

Also, We’ve had some incredible content on The Forum, our listserve, so join us if you haven’t already. In case you missed it, this month SaraEllen, from Tacoma Washington, posted her kick ass oral arguments in the 9thcircuit. GO SARAELLEN!!!! 

Finally, like always, we want to remind you to take good care of yourselves, make space and remember to slow down for joy this month. Ladies, this is going to be a great fall

“We measure success by how many people successful next to you…” Boss, The Carters. 
From our families to yours, much love,
Courtney and Theresa


Happy Summer!

Happy Summer! (July 18, 2018)


Hello Wild Women,and Happy Summer!
We wanted to send out some love and inspiration as we wind down from the solstice. 
The Forum, our Trial By Woman listserve, is up and running! The Forum is a conscious community aimed at supporting, advising, cheering on and helping one another towards our highest and best selves both in and out of the courtroom. In it, you will find real time legal resources, including up to date law and motion, real time tools and feedback from trial, mediation and depositions, as well as stimulating, endearing and satiating conversations about life, love, parenting…and who knows what else?!? We’re just getting started! We hope you will help us to co-create something new, beautiful and powerful. As a teaser, we are attaching the Trial Checklist we posted to the Forum this month.
Also, we are planning an exclusive seminar in the fall. We are going to talk about trial skills, practicing with trial perspective, and elevating your experience in and out of the workplace. We will have some fantastic guests and goodies. We'll share small shifts we've made that have had a big cumulative effect on our work and lives and we believe will do the same for you. We will release dates and open registration in the next few weeks so keep an eye out for our e-mail!
Last, as summer gets into full swing we want to remind you to take some time to enjoy getting outside and lying in the grass. We all get so wrapped up in all the important things we have to do and the things we think we need to be that sometimes we forget that it’s perfectly okay, healthy, and healing to do nothing. We forget the value of doing nothing.
We would love to hear from you, how you are doing, what you are (and AREN’T) doing. Find us at www.trialbywoman.com and on social @trialbywoman.
Much Love and Quiet,
Courtney and Theresa

Hello, Everyone! If you’ve been thinking about joining Trial By Woman: The Forum but haven’t yet, this e-mail is for you! The Forum Listserv and video discussions are in full swing! Join us, as we continue to build our positive, intentional and uplifting community. This is a space for all of us, and we’d love to have you. 

The conversations and information shared so far on The Forum Listserv have been great! It’s all we were hoping for and more!  One of the topics that came up recently on The Forum Listserv was How to Deal with Difficult People, whether it’s opposing counsel or someone in your own camp. That really resonated with us. As a follow up to the wonderful discussions that took place via The Forum Listserv, we sat down and recorded a video discussing our own experiences with difficult people and the specific techniques that have worked well for us when it comes to dealing with them. The video is now up on The Forum, and we hope it generates even more helpful discussion.

We are very excited about our growing community! If you are not already a member of Trial By Woman: The Forum, you can join fellow female lawyers from across the country. The cost is $50/year and includes access to The Forum Listserv, The Forum Listserv Archive, The Forum Videos, and we will soon be adding The Forum Resource Library for all of the great documents shared among our members.

Sending happy vibes to take you through the end of Summer … 

Courtney & Theresa
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Announcing Trial By Woman: The Forum!

Announcing Trial By Woman: The Forum! (May 25, 2018)

TBW The Forum Banner Crystals.png
Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 11.57.29 PM.png

Welcome to The Forum! The Forum is a traditional listserv  - only better! We developed The Forum to create a space for like-minded women to come together, connect, share ideas and get resources to take their legal practices - and their lives - to the next level. Our vision is a bigger and better life for all of us - inside and outside the courtroom. 

We welcome all women trial lawyers to The Forum, regardless of practice area and regardless of which "side" you represent. At Trial By Woman and in The Forum, there are no "sides." We also welcome women who want to become trial lawyers and women who have been promised trial work but whose employers haven't delivered. This is a space for all of us. We are all women in a male-dominated field. The work we can do together and the efforts we make to build up ourselves and the women around us will enrich our practices, our lives and our profession. 

The Forum is a traditional, e-mail-based listserv, in which you receive and post messages through your e-mail inbox. But, we've got more. We'll also offer videos where we discuss strategies and practices that make us better women, better wives, better partners, better mothers, better lawyers and better humans. We believe strongly in exploring well outside the bounds of our profession to enrich ourselves, and we've done a lot of leg work over the years. In our Forum videos, we'll distill for you some key concepts that have helped us on our journeys. 

We're thrilled you're here. So, let's get started. 

There is an annual $50 fee to subscribe to The Forum for a couple reasons: one, we have a real woman who manages and monitors The Forum; two, we believe that commitment is important to make real and positive changes in your life and in your practice. Here's what your subscription includes: 

Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 4.57.35 PM.png

The Forum Listserv

Our main discussion platform for The Forum is our e-mail-based listserv in which you will be able to receive and post messages through your e-mail inbox.  

Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 4.54.01 PM.png

The Forum Videos

The Forum is more than a traditional, e-mail-based listserv. We'll also post videos on our website where we discuss the strategies and practices that make us better women, better wives, better partners, better mothers, better lawyers and better humans. We believe strongly in exploring well outside the bounds of our profession to enrich ourselves, and we've done a lot of leg work over the years. In our Forum videos, we'll distill for you some key concepts that have helped us on our journeys. The videos can be found on The Forum Home Page.

TBW logo 300x300.png

The Forum Archive

All of The Forum listserv posts can be viewed in the searchable Forum Archive. You can get access to the archive through The Forum Home Page.

If you would like to reach out to us with any questions or comments, please feel free to email at manager@trialbywoman.com Thank you!