The Forum Videos

We are forever students of the law and of life. We believe strongly in exploring well outside the bounds of our profession to enrich ourselves, and we've done a lot of leg work over the years. We are students of psychology, business, finance, parenting, marriage, relationships, partnership, efficiency, performance, yoga, meditation, health and spirituality. We've found stuff that works and stuff that doesn't. 

So, here, in The Forum Videos, we'll discuss strategies and practices that make us better women, better wives, better partners, better mothers, better lawyers and better humans. We'll discuss and distill for you some key concepts that have helped us on our journeys. Our hope is that you can take what we've learned outside of the law, see how we've applied it to our own lives and our own practices and take away what works for you. 

xoxo, Courtney and Theresa


If you have any specific video suggestions/topics, feel free to submit them using the form below. Thank you!