Frequently Asked Questions

Who should I contact if I have any questions about The Forum?
You can email at any time with any questions you have.

How do I view my Forum membership information?
Just click on the "My Membership Info" Button on The Forum Home Page. There you can update your email, view your billing information, change your email or password, view your payment history, or cancel your plan.

The Forum Listserv

How do I send a post to the listserv?
Once you have signed up for the listserv on The Forum Home Page and have confirmed via the confirmation e-mail sent to you, you can then simply send an e-mail to and it will be sent to all current members of The Forum.  Please make sure you are sending the e-mail from the e-mail address that you used to sign up for The Forum; otherwise, it will not work.  If you have multiple e-mail addresses and can't remember which one is being used for The Forum please e-mail for assistance.

How do I attach a file to my listserv post?
Just attach the file as you would normally attach a file to an e-mail.  The listserv system will automatically convert the attached file to a link when your message is sent.  This way, your message and attachment can be saved in The Forum Archive.

How do I view an attachment in a post?
If there is a file attached to a post, there will be a blue link in the e-mail message, along with instructions on how to view it.  If the file does not open automatically in your browser when you click on the link, the file can be found in the download folder on your computer.

What is "Digest Mode"?
Instead of receiving listserv posts one at a time, Digest Mode compiles all of the day's posts into just one e-mail that you receive at the end of each day.  You can switch to Digest Mode by clicking on the link at the bottom of any post and following the instructions listed.

How does Reply/Reply All work for this listserv?
If you hit "Reply" on a post, your reply only goes to the one person that sent the post.  If you hit "Reply All," your message will go to everyone on The Forum.  Please make sure you want everyone to see your e-mail before hitting "Reply All."

Is it okay to just answer "Yes", "No", "I Agree"?
Please do not post non-substantive replies, including messages that indicate a simple β€œyes/no, me too, I agree/I disagree, or thank you,” without substantive elaboration. This will limit the number of e-mails we all receive!

Where can I read the Standards of Conduct for the Listserv?
The Standards of Conduct can be read here: on the Terms and Conditions which were agreed upon before signing up for The Forum.

What should I do if a listserv post looks like it might possibly be spam?
Do not open it, and contact manager@trialbywoman to let her know. She will investigate.

I think my e-mail system is sending out spam; what should I do?
Please e-mail right away.

Can I change my e-mail address for the listserv?
Yes, just e-mail and she can update it for you.

The Forum Archive

What is The Forum Archive?
The Forum Archive is a searchable archive that hosts all Trial By Woman: The Forum listserv posts. 

How do I access The Forum Archive to view all past listserv posts?
Click here to access The Forum Archive and follow the instructions on how to log in. Please note, the password gets updated from time to time so always check The Forum Archive for the most recent password.