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For Court

If you’ve read Trial By Woman, you know that dressing for court isn't always easy. Over the years, we’ve found pieces that do the job and are worth the investment. Here are some of our favorites. They are professional, tailored, classic and well-made. And we made them into outfits for you! 

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For Trial

Recommended supplies to bring to the courtroom with you.


For Your Office

These have been our go-to products for our offices for years.   


For Your Home

Your home is your sanctuary. It’s where you recharge, where you make memories. It’s where you live. Here are some things to make your time there a little easier and a little more special.

For You 

These are the products we treat ourselves to.


For Your Kids

Let’s build their imaginations.


Do Good

Click here to see the classroom wishlist for teachers at an inner city school on Los Angeles. Courtney’s sister is a teacher there. Her students live four miles from the ocean but have never seen it. They flinch when the intercom comes on for fear there’s a school shooting. But, they are doing awesome in biology and Earth Science. Let’s keep them going. 

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