Trial By Woman (The Book) is Here!!!

Trial By Woman (The Book) is Here!!! (Nov. 28, 2018)


Trial by Woman is an highly relevant and honest look at what it takes to not only succeed as a woman practicing trial law in today’s fast-paced world, but to thrive in an ever-changing environment of gender dynamics while fostering an inclusive and diverse strategy for equity and equality in the field of law.

Writing from their experience as highly successful women who practice in an intense and unrelenting profession, Courtney Rowley and Theresa Bowen Hatch offer tools, strategies, and advice that is not just anecdotal, but time-tested and earned from years of experience building successful careers where they have had opportunity to contribute that knowledge to their organization of the same name, Trial by Woman. 

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What Legal Leaders are saying about Trial by Woman
“It’s about time! This book will be the splendid mother of a necessary progeny of great seminars, articles, workshops, and more good books from more voices we all need. I’d wanted to say that Courtney Rowley and Theresa Bowen Hatch have done a masterful job, but the lack of a feminine form of the word ‘mastery’ is precisely the kind of thing that makes this book so essential. And yeah, I have to admit that men better read it, too.”
David Ball, trial consultant and author of David Ball on Damages

“Trial by Woman has insightful and valuable advice for all trial lawyers. This is a book for all new lawyers and those who mentor with guidance and commonsense advice. Women who are trial lawyers need this book and men who are trial lawyers need it just as much or more.”
Paul Luvera, past president of the Inner Circle of Advocates and the Washington State Bar

“This is the book women lawyers have long awaited. A Lean In for women attorneys, it teaches you how to speak up for yourself and the people you represent; quiet the fears that keep you from being your best; connect with the jurors, the judge and, most importantly, your true self; and start and run your own law practice. With great insight and gentle humor, Courtney and Theresa show why a woman’s unique talents make her the best advocate in the courtroom. Sprinkled through with stories of their own adventures (and a few mistakes), these two young powerhouse trial lawyers will have you eagerly packing your shoulder bag for your next trial.”
Randi McGinn, past president of the Inner Circle of Advocates and author of Changing Laws, Saving Lives: How to Take on Corporate Giants and Win 

“A thoughtful, lively, and much needed book on how to be a female trial lawyer. Filled with practical advice and inspiration for women—but also for men. An important addition to any trial lawyer’s library.”
Rick Friedman, past president of the Inner Circle of Advocates and coauthor of Rules of the Road: A Plaintiff Lawyer’s Guide to Proving Liability"

“It is rare for a book about practicing law to be so enthralling that you can’t put it down. This is a such a rare book. It is inspirational, empowering, and blunt. It is not judgmental or preachy. Courtney and Theresa have been there and done that—and they are willing to share their experiences, both good and bad. The stories have a familiar ring to them, but they use them to illustrate important things about being a woman, being a trial lawyer, being a mom, being a wife, sister, friend, and all at the same time. Sometimes, these courageous women write poignantly about making almost impossible choices, feeling lonely and wrestling with guilt. They also offer valuable tips about trying cases. They offer us their whole lives with grace and with dignity. All women lawyers should read it and so should most male lawyers.”
Roxanne Barton Conlin, past president of the AAJ and member of the Inner Circle of Advocates

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