Happy August from Trial By Woman

Happy August from Trial By Woman (Aug. 16, 2018)

Hello, Everyone! If you’ve been thinking about joining Trial By Woman: The Forum but haven’t yet, this e-mail is for you! The Forum Listserv and video discussions are in full swing! Join us, as we continue to build our positive, intentional and uplifting community. This is a space for all of us, and we’d love to have you. 

The conversations and information shared so far on The Forum Listserv have been great! It’s all we were hoping for and more!  One of the topics that came up recently on The Forum Listserv was How to Deal with Difficult People, whether it’s opposing counsel or someone in your own camp. That really resonated with us. As a follow up to the wonderful discussions that took place via The Forum Listserv, we sat down and recorded a video discussing our own experiences with difficult people and the specific techniques that have worked well for us when it comes to dealing with them. The video is now up on The Forum, and we hope it generates even more helpful discussion.

We are very excited about our growing community! If you are not already a member of Trial By Woman: The Forum, you can join fellow female lawyers from across the country. The cost is $50/year and includes access to The Forum Listserv, The Forum Listserv Archive, The Forum Videos, and we will soon be adding The Forum Resource Library for all of the great documents shared among our members.

Sending happy vibes to take you through the end of Summer … 

Courtney & Theresa
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