Happy Summer!

Happy Summer! (July 18, 2018)


Hello Wild Women,and Happy Summer!
We wanted to send out some love and inspiration as we wind down from the solstice. 
The Forum, our Trial By Woman listserve, is up and running! The Forum is a conscious community aimed at supporting, advising, cheering on and helping one another towards our highest and best selves both in and out of the courtroom. In it, you will find real time legal resources, including up to date law and motion, real time tools and feedback from trial, mediation and depositions, as well as stimulating, endearing and satiating conversations about life, love, parenting…and who knows what else?!? We’re just getting started! We hope you will help us to co-create something new, beautiful and powerful. As a teaser, we are attaching the Trial Checklist we posted to the Forum this month.
Also, we are planning an exclusive seminar in the fall. We are going to talk about trial skills, practicing with trial perspective, and elevating your experience in and out of the workplace. We will have some fantastic guests and goodies. We'll share small shifts we've made that have had a big cumulative effect on our work and lives and we believe will do the same for you. We will release dates and open registration in the next few weeks so keep an eye out for our e-mail!
Last, as summer gets into full swing we want to remind you to take some time to enjoy getting outside and lying in the grass. We all get so wrapped up in all the important things we have to do and the things we think we need to be that sometimes we forget that it’s perfectly okay, healthy, and healing to do nothing. We forget the value of doing nothing.
We would love to hear from you, how you are doing, what you are (and AREN’T) doing. Find us at www.trialbywoman.com and on social @trialbywoman.
Much Love and Quiet,
Courtney and Theresa