Trial By Woman Fall Newsletter

Trial By Woman Fall Newsletter (Sept. 10, 2018)

Hello Dears and Happy Early Fall,
We hope you had a colorful summer and are cozying up for a delicious September. 

We had a great summer. Courtney and her family went on a wild travel adventure to Europe and Theresa spent some fantastic time in the sun with her family in Palm Desert and Hawaii. We also did a lot of work. We finished the last copy edits on our book, Trial By Woman (waaaahoo!!!!) and are hoping to have it available very soon. In case travel is in your future, we have been working hard on a very special case with our friends in Tulsa—and we highly recommend a visit! 

Lately, our attention has been on the Supreme Court nominations. In times like these, with work, family, lives, getting involved in public discourse can feel overwhelming if not futile. We want to remind you that there is a lot you can do, as that as a woman, your voice matters. Every day is an opportunity to raise the vibration of our world and the people in it. Lawyers are leaders, and you are more powerful than you will ever know.

If there is one thing we as women lawyers can do this year, it is to educate ourselves about local elections, VOTE, and, just as importantly, encourage others to do the same. 


THERE ARE STILL A FEW SPACES LEFT at the Santa Barbara Trial By Human Ethics seminar, which Trial By Woman is co-sponsoring. The 16 CLE seminar is Friday October 5- Sunday October 7 2018 and includes lodging at the gorgeous Canary in Santa Barbara, California. Enter the code TRIALBYWOMAN at checkout. If you can’t make it to Santa Barbara, check our website later this month for the the killer swag we made. Meanwhile, here's some other cool swag out there. 

Also, We’ve had some incredible content on The Forum, our listserve, so join us if you haven’t already. In case you missed it, this month SaraEllen, from Tacoma Washington, posted her kick ass oral arguments in the 9thcircuit. GO SARAELLEN!!!! 

Finally, like always, we want to remind you to take good care of yourselves, make space and remember to slow down for joy this month. Ladies, this is going to be a great fall

“We measure success by how many people successful next to you…” Boss, The Carters. 
From our families to yours, much love,
Courtney and Theresa